Axxys multi-residential


Axxys specializes in delivering high calibre multi-residential developments. Our portfolio includes luxury towers, mid-rises, condominiums, apartment buildings and student residences.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value to our clients. To do so, we bring expertise, value and local experience at every stage of the project. Our services include different models of management including pre-construction, design-build, construction management & cost-plus, fixed-cost construction and project management. Over the years, we have also successfully adopted both the LEAN & LEED construction methodologies where value is maximized & waste minimized.

The construction industry demands the highest standards in terms of fit and finish. In order to carry out the project in the most efficient and timely manner possible, we always take the time to thoroughly understand their specific needs.

Precision, accuracy, competitive pricing and financial strength are what make Axxys a leader in the construction industry. We provide trustworthy workforce as well as the most qualified project managers and site supervisors. We always strive to make and maintain long-term relationships with our clients Thanks to our deep understanding of customer requirements and a rigorous management of operations, Axxys continues to stand out and give clients the best service possible, period.