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Since every project is uniquely shaped and comes with its own implications and circumstances such as delays, legal commitments, properly shaping the layout of the property, budget limitations, financing goals, the owner’s resources and more. Rest assured that we have what it takes to tackle any and all obstacles that may come our way!



The design-build construction method is often referred to as a “turnkey” approach and can even be used to complete the most complex projects in a quick and efficient manner. With a design-construction agreement, owner will hire AXXYS as sole entity that will be in charge of managing all aspects of the project. Axxys will hire and manage all consultants which will facilitate the project team with a single point of contact for all aspects of project: survey, architectural plans, engineer plans, landlord follow ups, city jurisdiction and construction. Client will benefit from the contractor and designers’ inputs as well as the subcontractors and suppliers’ recommendations, and this, throughout the entire project. This approach offers the possibility for client to remain involved in every stage of the construction process with limited resources. This collaboration will guarantee that the project will run smoothly and will maximize the benefits this approach has to offer: best cost control and manage construction schedule for maximum efficiency. 




To acquire the proper expertise for every aspect of your project’s planning, construction costs & schedule, the pre-construction stage is the most crucial.

In the pre-construction phase, our focus is on developing scope and evaluating costs to execute a project. Our overall analysis includes breaking down design costs, schematic/sustainable design development, scheduling, providing evaluations, studies, value engineering, constructability reviews, local authority coordination, permitting and much more.

Since our construction teams actively works in all American & Canadian markets, our pre-construction unit is able to gather the latest and most relevant information based on those specific markets. The solid relationships we have built with subcontractors & providers also allows us to offer design/professional services, subcontractor/vendor prequalification as well as competitive bidding. 


  • Evaluate all existing building conditions and systems.
  • Coordinate closely with the client, project manager, architect and engineers, reviewing all project requirements, requirements of jurisdictional agencies having jurisdiction and potential cost impact of governmental agency requirements.
  • Monitor design developments and engineering specifications for conformance with the client’s requirements and schedule and for effective updating of the budget in context with the development of design drawings. Make recommendations consistent with client’s recommendation.
  • Develop a schedule for the project that coordinates and integrates the services of the Project Team; identifies critical components of the work, including major design details and approvals; identifies and integrates construction operations; and anticipates significant events and decision points. Update the schedule as required.
  • Prepare detailed trade-by-trade cost estimates budgets based upon scope documents and the design drawings at each principal stage of the process.
  • Coordinate all value engineering efforts. Advise and make recommendations concerning construction cost savings through alternative methods, materials and concepts consistent with requirements and sound construction practices.
  • Conduct all project meetings, preparing detailed written minutes, action agenda and follow-up. Furnish copies of minutes to the project team. Attend additional meetings as necessary to explain cost determinations and respond to questions. Review Lease Exhibits and meet with the Building Ownership and/or management to ascertain building requirements, procedures, construction standards, etc.
  • Work closely with the project manager, architect and engineers throughout the design process to assure that completed working drawings and specifications\incorporate efficient and cost-effective construction methods. Provide recommendations on relative construction feasibility; availability of materials; time requirements for procurement, installation and construction, and other cost factors. Assure that working drawings have been properly coordinated with the engineering disciplines so that they are free from “construction ambiguities and uncertainties.”
  • Review for any potential conflict of trades which would result in more than one trade claiming the work, and for other items which will reduce the impact of change orders. Further to the reduction of change orders, seek out, identify and define potential problems and develop viable solutions to avoid impact on construction schedule or budget.
  • Review refined plans and specifications as they are forthcoming, studying designated materials, systems and equipment, and investigating ability and cost and schedule impact of each. Make recommendations regarding areas for possible cost savings, possible alternate systems and materials, etc. to the architect for his own utilization.
  • Assist in the procurement, scheduling, storage and installation of pre-purchased and long lead items.
  • Review plans and specifications for opportunities for budget and schedule efficiencies associated with the pre-ordering of “long-lead” items.





With the construction management method, instead of offering a fixed cost price, Axxys offers a cost plus or fixed fee proposal. 

In choosing this method, the owner takes charge of the entire project by selecting his team members and by leading all crews involved. The team’s most important members are usually the architect or engineer, design consultant and the construction general manager.

While the design plans are put together, every aspect of those plans must be approved and outlined in the contract so that its associated costs are guaranteed.

In order to provide the right recommendations, it is important that the selected construction general manager have a good grasp of the requirements and needs of the owner. The construction general manager must be able to guide you in making the effective choices regarding planning, selecting basic materials at a fair price, establishing an action plan, understanding market realities and completing the feasibilities studies accurately. 



With this construction method, the owner seeks out the services of professionals who will have the responsibility of designing and developing sketches and guidelines necessary to complete the project construction documents. Once the construction documents are finalized, Axxys can present their construction offers. This approach is simple, yet structured. Each design and construction stage are completed independently and in the right order. 



We offer splitpoint warehouse management for all owner supplied items to make sure everything is delivered to site on time and efficiently when needed. This includes

  • Weekly inventory reporting for all deliveries (damages/updates)
  • Review project specific zoning plans with Axxys Construction’s PM
  • Warehouse daily set-up / coordination
  • Oversee all millwork pre-fabrication & packaging
  • Transport scheduling / coordination
  • Preparing & managing all packing slips
  • Delivery management (on time delivery)

Our warehouse is located within a short distance of our Head Office (central location) & is equipped with (2x) interior loading docks, high ceilings for double shelving & is fully sprinklered. Should more space be needed, please note that we have negotiated a chalk line deal with the landlord that would allow us to lease additional space as required on the same plane. With +/- 100,000 sq. ft of available space.



In an effort to increase efficiency and productivity, Axxys has adopted the Lean Construction principles and methods. By doing so, we aim to improve quality processes and eliminate waste. To help clients meet their own sustainability goals, we focus on feasibility and identify long-term cost benefits of sustainable practices. Employing sustainable best practices also helps limit our environmental impact.